24770 Evergreen Mills Rd, Dulles, VA 20166,USA.
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  • Whoever puts his feet on Shirdi soil, his sufferings would come to an end.
  • I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthily body.
  • My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.
Due to accumulated snow devotees are advised to drive carefully when entering and exiting the temple driveway

Temple Timings

Monday – Friday

8:00 AM to 12:30 PM,
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday

8:00 AM to 9:00 PM


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Video Gallery

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Adivasam May 11th, 2015
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Bhoomi Pooja May 10th 2015
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Kalasa Sthapana Pooja - May 9th 2015
Album Date: May-31-2015
Moorthi Sthapana - May 13th 2015
Album Date: May-27-2015
Sri Lalitha Kumkum Pooja - May 16th 2015
Album Date: May-27-2015
Sri Lalitha Kumkum Pooja_Classical - May 16th 2015
Album Date: Apr-01-2015
Maha Sivaratri - 2015
Album Date: Apr-01-2015
Krishna Ashtami_2 - 2014
Album Date: Apr-01-2015
Krishna Ashtami_1 - 2014
Album Date: Mar-05-2015
Baba Pallaki Seva - 2014
Album Date: Mar-05-2015
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